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Internet marketing e-bookWhen it comes to Internet marketing, there is a lot to learn. Don’t expect to become an expert overnight. That rarely happens.

Even then, your small business doesn’t necessarily need to utilize every tactic available to you. Podcasting, for instance, might benefit your business and it might not. Only you can decide. But there are some useful Internet marketing techniques that every business can benefit from. And some of them are very powerful when used in combination.

E-mail marketing is one such technique. When combined with blogging and article marketing, e-mail marketing can be very powerful.

Another powerful Internet marketing tactic that most small businesses can benefit from is pay per click advertising. It costs money. It’s not free. But when combined with search engine optimization, which doesn’t cost money if you do it yourself, it’s a very powerful combination.

Small Business Mavericks has written an introductory e-book for small business owners who have done no Internet marketing at all, but who have an interest in getting their business into the 21st century. The e-book is free and covers all the top Internet marketing strategies used by successful Internet marketers. I highly recommend the book. You can download it for free at the Small Business Mavericks website when you subscribe to the free Small Business Mavericks newsletter.

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