co Start Your E-mail Marketing Today |

E-mail marketing has become one of the mainstays of traditional and “new media” marketing. It by no means has replaced traditional marketing, although many companies are now transferring all or a part of their direct mail marketing budgets to e-mail marketing. The fact is, you don’t have to abandon the traditional marketing methods to gain a foothold in e-mail marketing. You can start right now with your own computer and the resources at your fingertips.

If you haven’t started collecting e-mail addresses from your customers, you need to start doing that now. Start by making them an offer. Something that won’t require a lot of time and expense on your part, but that your customer will value. For instance, if you are an auto mechanic you might offer a free auto check in exchange for your customer’s e-mail address. Promise to check the oil and tires, exhaust system, electrical system, and wash the windows just for signing up to receive your periodic e-mail offers. There’s no commitment for either party and you both get something valuable in return.

Caroline Melberg
Small Business Mavericks