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Ok! So moving on in our discussion of SEO and how your blog can help in that effort…

Besides keywords, links are very important. Not only is it important that you use keyword-rich anchor text, but it’s just as important to pay attention to the web pages that you link to. Whenever you link to a web page, try to find out what the primary keyword for that web page is and use that keyword as your anchor text. Also, you’ll want to include a title attribute to each link in your blog posts and the title attribute should be the keyword phrase that makes up your anchor text.

That might sound complicated, but it’s not, I promise.

In other words, the words that your readers see that acts as a link should also be included as the title attribute of the link itself, which will remain invisible to human eyes but will be seen by the search engines. It’s another way to get that keyword in their and further optimize your blog post. A proper link should look something like this: Anchor Text Keyword. If you right click on that and select “properties,” you will see the code layout. You can use that code over and over, just by plugging in the site you want the link to go to, as well as the keyword that should be visible to the user.

Finally, use tags if you can. Not all blogging platforms give you this ability. With WordPress, you’ll have to install a plug-in, but it’s worth it. Tags allow you to add another keyword to your blog posts and give your readers an easy way to find blog posts that are related in some way.

There are many other ways to make your blog help you with SEO, and we’ll get into those as well in upcoming posts. Building your SEO is a bunch of small steps you can take, so it’s beneficial to “divide and conquer”!

Caroline Melberg
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