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Now that we’ve talked about planning out content, you need to hone in on the importance of how they are written, and there’s no better way to gain access to targeted readers than by optimizing your blog posts with keywords.

The most basic thing to remember about blog posts is that each one is counted as a separate web page in the search engines. That means every single blog post can be optimized just like an individual web page. The elements of your blog post are very important.

Elements of each blog post that will need to be optimized include:

Blog Category
Blog Post Body

It really isn’t difficult to SEO your blog posts, but you need to know how to do it. That’s where your keyword research comes in. Keywords are very important for optimizing blog posts, even if it might feel tedious at times.

Select a category that uses your keyword. In other words, if you are writing about a blog about horse training you might have categories such as Horse Breaking, Bridling, Feeding, Horse Shoeing, Horse Exercise, etc. When you write about Horse Breaking then you’ll use that category. That is an important keyword for you.

Your title should also include the keyword in it. For instance, Horse Breaking In Three Easy Steps might be a blog post title. It uses the keyword and promises a benefit – two important qualities of a good blog post title.

Your blog post body should also include your keyword in it. But unlike the category and title of your blog post, it should contain the keyword more than once. Your keyword density should be just like it would be if you were writing a web page. Another unique feature of your blog posts SEO is linking. You should include some links in your blog posts and you can further optimize those links by making them keyword-rich. This is called anchor text and it is one of the most important aspects of SEO – for web pages and for blogs.

Don’t forget to sign your blog posts. You can add a signature link or two at the bottom of each blog post that uses your keywords and points to your website. This is another chance for you to use anchor text to optimize your blog post and drive traffic to your website.

Tomorrow’s post will dive into the next biggie for your blog posts: links!

Caroline Melberg
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