co A Pre-Launch Gift Already! |

It’s official–in just a few weeks, we’ll be launching our latest Small Business Maverick’s product offering: Biz Blogging Basics, Your DIY Kit to Successful Business Blogging. It should come as no surprise that I’m a huge proponent of blogs and all the wonderful things they can do for your business image online, let alone the personality it provides to your customers. That said, a trend I’ve seen a huge surge in recently is online reputation management, with increased requests from clients to help make sure their PR on the Internet is always positive. While a blog is a great start, it’s only one small piece of the larger puzzle.

The buzz around the upcoming launch has been more than we could have hoped for, and in that vein, we’re offering a free report that talks about all the other great tools to help manage your brand reputation in the online world. To the right of this post, you’ll see a sign up for information the launch of the Biz Blogging Basics e-book. If you go ahead and get in on it now, you’ll automatically get additional tools that go beyond blogging to help you become more proficient in social networking and reputation management, completely free of charge! It’s our way of saying thanks for all the fantastic feedback and buzz that’s already growing exponentially every day as we approach our launch day!