co Small Business Blogging Class Was a Hit! |

Earlier this month I was invited by the Womens’ President Organization to talk to them about using Internet Marketing to grow a small to medium-sized business. I always enjoy these opportunities to talk with other business owners about Internet Marketing, because the questions that they ask give me great ideas on what my target audience is really wondering about.

The vast majority of questions at this session were about blogging – how to create a blog? what to say on a blog? and basically – why should I have a blog? One of the women who attended the session asked if I would give a class just on blogging – which I did earlier today – and it was a tremendous success.

We covered everything from – what the heck is a blog? to determining the Return on Investment for your business blog. I know I learned a ton from the questions that everyone had – and most of all, we had a great time!

I’ll be offering the same class again in the future, so if you are interested (and you are in the local Minnesota area), drop me a note and let me know!

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