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With the competing search engines not showing any signs of letting up on their innovation, it can feel confusing. Do you do paid search? If so, should you use Google or Yahoo? What are the differences? Are they only for larger businesses, or should I consider it for my small one as well?

Outsell, Inc. recently turned the tables on the two 800 lb. gorillas and had small business owners rank them instead. 58% of small business owners felt that Google’s search is effective, which is healthy compared to the 32% Yahoo garnered. Large businesses were also surveyed, and the numbers were more evenly rated, showing 63% gave google the nod, while 62% also felt Yahoo is effective.

Given that most businesses out there are small ones, this is more important than it may appear on the surface. Small businesses tend to spend more for online advertising relatively speaking, but the largest deterrent and disappointment for this group is the rate of click fraud they claim to see, which reflected 14% for small businesses.

Search is still one of the best ways to drive organic and qualified traffic to your site, and as a small business owner you’re not alone when it comes to evaluating your options! For the full press release describing this survey, go here.

Caroline Melberg
Small Business Marketing Mavericks
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