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Small business blogging has almost become commonplace. Everyone seems to have one, and while the majority of blogs are more akin to rambling diaries chronicling some unknown person’s daily life, they can have a much more serious use from an Internet marketing point of view.

The search engines like Blogs. Not because there is something intrinsic about a blog that they like, but simply because they are already highly SEO’d and can so easily be further optimized through the use of a variety of plugins. This means that the search engines will visit a properly maintained blog regularly. It also means that any links the search engines find on the blog will be noted and visited too.

There are varying opinions about how regularly a blog should be posted to. It is generally agreed though that more than once a day is too often. Some even think that once a week is enough. It is probably wise, therefore, to post to your blog no more than two or three times a week. However, you should probably not post every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 3pm, for example. Vary your posting days and times for a much more natural effect.

Creating optimized blog posts to increase link popularity and SEO qualities is relatively easy. You first need to find a number of relevant keyword phrases to target. These will be keyword phrases that relate to your web site. Using relevant keyword phrases as anchor text in blog posts that point to the web site you wish to promote is highly effective and used by many people to create a funnel of back links, all pointing to the various pages of the promoted web site.

You need to use relevant anchor text in your blog posts. Say, for example, that you wish to link to a page whose primary keyword phrase is “copper riveted widgets.” You could start off your blog post by saying something like; “There’s a lot of interest in copper riveted widgets these days.” The words, “copper riveted widgets,” would be a hyperlink to the web site page that uses that phrase as its primary keyword. This strategy goes a long way towards providing excellent link popularity for your web site.

Link popularity simply means that the web site has gained popularity through a number of external links that are tightly focused, and that use the exact anchor text that is the web page’s primary keyword. Of course, if every back link uses the exact text that is the primary keyword, that would look suspicious. It is necessary, therefore, to occasionally vary the wording of the anchor text, retaining the general theme, and keeping it as closely relevant as possible to the primary keyword.

Of course, you don’t have to stop at having just one blog where you post regularly and link back to your web site. You can have as many as you want. You should try to vary the hosting of the blogs as much as possible. This will increase the effect of being natural and not contrived. Having your blogs hosted in a number of different countries will also help.

You blog posts should be easy to read. The keyword back links should never be contrived. They should be sprinkled in as naturally as possible. Don’t post too often, or post in a regular pattern. That doesn’t look natural and could raise suspicion. Used properly, your army of blogs will be highly effective in creating link popularity with well SEO’d regular posts. In this way, success is almost guaranteed!

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