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Article marketing is one of the earliest marketing strategies to be used in the World Wide Web. It is a well-proven strategy that works well. It is also a long lasting method of providing promotion and link popularity to a web site. Its popularity no doubt lies in the fact that it is virtually free to implement, and it works!

Almost anyone can write a good article. Many think they can’t, having memories of school essays that went wrong and English teachers who insisted on eliminating split infinitives and other examples of bad grammar. Well, here’s the good news: forget the old essay formula, forget perfect grammar (but try your best), and forget perfect anything. You will be trying to communicate with your articles. That’s the most important role they play for the reader.

The most important role your articles will play for you is to provide link popularity with great SEO qualities. The technique is really quite a simple one. You write an article using a primary keyword that is closely relevant to the web page you wish to target. This ensures that both the article and the web page are on the same focused theme. The article should be at least 400 words long, preferably 500 words. It will include a very important item: the author’s bio box, or resource box, at the end.

The resource box, sometimes known as the author’s bio box, is where you can create a link that can point to pretty much anywhere you want. This is how you can create link popularity. Suppose the web page you intend to provide a back link to is optimized for the keyword phrase, “bright blue widgets.” Then, ideally, you would want to create a link back to the web page from your article that used that exact phrase as the anchor text. You could say something like, “See our web site for more information on bright blue widgets.” The phrase “bright blue widgets” would be a hyperlink pointing to the web page that uses that phrase as its primary keyword.

This is a very powerful way of gaining link popularity. And it is so easy to do too. But you do need to be careful. The search engines will become suspicious if they see that every back link to your web site has the exact phrase that the web page is optimized for. This is why you should vary the anchor text occasionally. Keep it relevant though. Use phrases that are close to the exact phrase that the page is optimized for, but not quite the same. You need to use your judgment as to how this should best be done.

There are no limits to the number of articles that you should write to assist a web site in gaining link popularity. All the articles should be distributed around the many article directories. Most of them will accept articles without a charge, and they will not mind the occasional grammar slip. Article marketing to help gain link popularity and SEO is highly effective, delightfully inexpensive and easy to do.

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