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Article marketing has proven itself to be an extremely powerful and successful means of marketing, one that practically any person can do. Articles are easy to write. They can be submitted to article directories where they can remain for years, and where they can be picked up and used freely by anyone.

At the end of each article the author can leave a resource box. This is a short paragraph that can contain an active link to either a web page, or an email address. There is an unwritten protocol that the resource box should remain intact, which is why it is so valuable. As an article starts to circulate around the Internet, so do the links. This is a highly effective way of providing targeted back links to a website, for example. A well-written article can also provide targeted traffic to a website.

Many people feel they cannot write articles. They have unpleasant memories of writing essays at school, and they feel that their writing skills will simply not be good enough. This is the wrong attitude, for almost anyone can write a good article if they try. The first hurdle to get over is to find a suitable subject to write about. This article lists 10 ways to find ideas for articles.

1. Go to Google and type in “get rid of” in quotes. This simple phrase will yield hundreds of web pages dealing with problems that people have that they would love to get rid of. An article that addresses the problem and tells the reader how to get rid of it is likely to be very successful.

2. Go to Wikipedia ( This incredible resource has over 7 million pages in some 200 languages. It’s the world’s largest encyclopedia. Browse through the pages, or search for a particular topic. There’s bound to be something that catches your eye.

3. Go to Google Groups ( This is a resource of groups of individuals who all have a common interest in a particular subject. Browse through the groups and focus on something that interests you. You will find an amazing amount of information to write about.

4. Go to Yahoo Groups ( This is a similar resource to Google Groups, which expands the scope. Browse through the various groups to find something of interest.

5. Go to MySpace ( This is a social interaction resource where people form groups where they share a common interest. There are literally thousands of groups on every imaginable subject to browse through.

6. Go to your local news shop or bookstore. They will most likely have a magazine rack. Here you will find magazines on hobbies and interests that actual people share. This is a great way to find a suitable subject for a successful article.

7. Go to YouTube ( This is a collection of short videos from around the world submitted by individuals. Some of the subjects may surprise you and spark off an idea or two that can be used for an article.

8. Go to eHow ( This resource comprises a number of short articles, each one telling the reader how to do a certain task. It is a wonderful place to find ideas for unusual subjects that people need to know about.

9. Go to SoYouWanna ( This resource is similar to eHow, but really quite different. It is full of article ideas and the information needed to write a good article.

10. Go to Project Gutenberg ( This is a resource of books in the public domain. Browse through their on-line catalog containing over 20,000 titles. There’s bound to be something in there that you feel you could write an article about.

Writing a successful article is easier than you think. All you need is the initial idea, and then you need accurate information about the subject. These 10 ways to find ideas for articles should be more than enough to get you started.

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