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Have you ever been contacted by another website owner who wants to link to your site – and you’ve wondered if they are a good candidate in terms of linking? As you know, you want to be careful who you link with, as linking with sites from “bad neighborhoods” will have a negative effect on your rankings with Google and the other search engines. (I feel a bit like my mother saying that — “be careful not to run around with kids with a “bad reputation” – well mom was right, and the same theory applies to linking online as it does to your offline friendships).

So how to tell if a site is a good site to link with? Beyond the obvious due diligence you would want to do before agreeing to link with a site, I’ve found a cool little tool that can help in your evaluation. It’s called the “Bad Neighborhood Checker” – and you can find it here: Bad Neighborhood Checker.

You simply put in the URL of the site that you are thinking of linking with, and they will return a report to you of all the links that site has on it and whether any of them are “questionable” in nature.

Pretty cool – check it out!

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