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I’m participating in the “Land of the Free” Mini Giveaway event being hosted online by Cyndi Smasal this week. The way a Giveaway Event works is like this: a group of like-minded online marketers get together and agree to each give away something of value – for free. In my case, I’m offering my e-book, Local Small Business Marketing Secrets.

Then, the “host” of the event puts a website up with all of the free products available for download and sends sample messages out to each of the participants. Each of the participants sends the link to that website out to their customer list – so the net result is that each of the participants get the opportunity to get a sample of their product or service in front of a whole new audience. Pretty cool concept, and it’s working great for me so far in terms of new subscribers to my e-zine as well as a couple of interested potential clients.

There are a lot of great products available for free as a part of this giveaway event, but I wanted to make you aware of a couple of them that are particularly interesting. I had the opportunity to meet Joe Vitale at a workshop I attended last October, and he is as dynamic in person as he is on video and in his books. You might have heard of Joe in connection with “The Secret” movie, as he is featured there – and he’s also know for his outlandish promotional activities that get tons of results.

I particularly enjoy Joe’s writing. Two of Joe Vitale’s out of print classics are available for free until July 5th at:

– Unspoken Marketing Secrets
A private collection of controversial truisms.
This information is extremely powerful.

– Zen & Art of Writing
Written in 1984, contains the best techniques,
suggestions, ideas and practical methods for improving
writing and creative abilities. It’s the result of 10
years research, study and experimentation in the creative

Go get them now. I don’t know how often Joe makes these available, but they are free for the taking until midnight tonight at:


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