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One of the things that I ask any prospective new virtual team member that we work with is what type of system they use to organize and manage their time. Most often because we are so involved in Internet marketing they incorrectly assume I’m looking for them to tell me that they are using some high tech gadget for their to-do lists – but this is not the case. I’m simply looking to find out if they have a system that works for them, and if they can describe it to me. If that’s a note pad and a pen, that’s great – as long as they’ve internalized the system and have a way to manage their time.

I came across this post today from Paul Williams where he talks at length about the value from a creative aspect of keeping a journal with you at all times to jot down important thoughts or great ideas – and I couldn’t agree more with his “system” — it is simple, but it’s a great reminder for all of us looking to trap those creative moments when they occur. He’s got a great blog over at the Idea Sandbox – check it out!

Caroline Melberg
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