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Drew McLellan over at Drew’s Marketing Minute turned me on to a new viral marketing scheme that I think has lots of potential – when used in the right way.

It’s called Reactee – what happens is you get to create a customized message that gets printed on a tee-shirt – you get to pick the message – then when people see your shirt, they can send a text message from their cell phone to the code you provide. Reactee sends a message that you customize out to the person who sent your shirt the text message.

Reactee has all kinds of examples of these shirts on their site. Some obvious uses come to mind – working a tradeshow floor or an event and having all your employees decked out in shirts that sent custom messages to interested prospects. Political campaigns. New product introductions. The list is long on the possibilities. If you are going to be having a booth at your local fair this summer, check out Reactee and give it a try. It certainly does break through the clutter, and it’s creative. I’ll be interested to see the results.

Of course, like any promotional mechanism, a good headline that catches attention is critical. I had to give this whole thing a try, and you can see what my shirt looks like below. Go ahead, send my shirt a text message!

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Do You Speak Google-ese?