co Heard on the Street: CamelCase |

Thought I’d share something interesting that I heard recently and see if anyone else has heard this as well.

I was giving changes to some brochure copy that I was working on for a client to my graphic designer (Karen Lafferty, who is great, by the way), and was telling her that I wanted to see some things in ‘initial caps’ – I went on to say to her that I’m the original ‘initial caps’ girl, having worked for years at AT&T Wireless where every product was written like this:


While I was talking, my computer fixer-upper guy was working on my network connection which needed fixing this week, and he couldn’t help but over hear my conversation. When I hung up, he said – you know, the programmers I work with call that “CamelCase” … now, I had never heard it, but it’s the PERFECT term for describing product names like iPod, iLife, etc.

And I love it when a term so aptly fits the situation. Has anyone else heard this? Let me hear from you!

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