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Aaron over at Prime Advertising had a great post yesterday about searching for is chiropractor online. He found his as number 6 on the list (on page 1). So this got me to wondering where MY chiropractor would fall in the listings on Google. Aaron obviously doesn’t call his chiropractor as often as I do, because he was Googling them to get their phone number. I have my chiropractor’s phone number memorized (and I’m thinking that’s a bad sign).

Any way, I went out and entered, “chiropractic office” and the city where he’s located .. uh oh. Not on page 1… Not on page 2… oh, there he is – # 7 on page 3. Right where very few people are going to find him.

Just like Aaron, I’ll be talking to my doc at my next visit about his search engine optimization. As a local small business owner, it pays to know where you rank with Google – and if you’re not showing up on the first page then check into what you can do to optimize your site for better positioning.

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