co What are Keywords and Why are They Important to Small Businesses? |

What are keywords and why are they important to the small business? Understanding the role of the keyword is a critical item to the success of any website in today’s marketplace. If your small business needs a website presence and does not want web surfers visiting your competitors first, then understanding of keywords is critical.

The best way to begin to understand what a keyword is and why it could be important to the small business website is to get a definition, from Webster’s dictionary:”a significant or memorable word or term in the title, abstract, or text of an item being indexed, used as the index entry. “Effectively a keyword to the web is simply the term that describes a specific page of your website.

So what does this still mean to the small business website? Keywords in essence are one of the key methodologies that he search engines are going to use to catalog each page of your website. If your site deals with computers and computer repair you are going to want pages that have these keywords in several areas.

The areas of concern are going to be the tags on the page – your Meta and alt tags. Make sure that your HTML coding reflects this practice. Any articles on your site need to specifically mention computers and computer repair, and not just once. Your body needs to have a keyword density of no less than five percent to make your keywords important to the search engines.

Search engines are really not very smart and do exactly what the coders who wrote them instruct them to do in all cases. The spiders are going to crawl your site and catalog what they find on the site. To drive up your site rankings you are going to have to concentrate on the keywords that your site uses. Not paying attention to the keywords will reduce your site’s rankings in the search engines.

Reduced site rankings in the search engines means your competitors are ahead of you when a search engine search is performed. Think of the keyword as your opportunity to get a flashing ad in a local phone book as opposed to the single line given to everyone in the phone book. If your ad is flashing you are more likely to get visitors.

Visitors are the heart and sole of any business venture. With visitors you will have the opportunity to make a sale, without visitors your site will simply wither and die. The keywords that you use are important to the small business that you run in generating traffic and identifying your business on the world-wide web.

Identification on the web is a critical item for your small business. As a 2005 Penn State study showed, “eighty percent of the people that perform searches never leave the first page of the search results regardless of the search engine.”

The keywords on your page are the number one item of concern for the search engine spiders. So visitors to your site from the search engines are driven by the keyword. Failing this realization you could miss out on hundreds of site result hits per day and the opportunity to make hundreds of new sales.