co E-Mail Signatures for Small Business Owners |

It’s coincidental that I came across Patrick Schaber’s post on the importance of your e-mail signature on his “The Lonely Marketer” blog yesterday. Later yesterday evening I was catching up on my reading of the WSJ (print edition – I also subscribe to the online edition and read both, but not on the same day), when I came across an article on the very same topic – e-mail signatures.

It turns out that there is a whole industry of companies that has emerged to help you jazz up your e-mail signature – from animated avatars designed to look like you (or your alter ego), to services that will design your name in a stylized handwriting font, to “SmileyCentral” where you can add those animated smiley faces to your e-mail signature.

Most of these services fall into my category of “it’s cool to know you can do this, but you probably don’t need to do this” – particularly those options that take up enormous amounts of bandwidth. I’m a hound for speedy e-mail, so anything that slows the transmission of my messages down is not on my short list of things to do.

With all of the options available it’s tempting to rush out and create some wild signature for yourself – resist the temptation. Patrick does a great job of illustrating what to think about when writing your e-mail signature – keep those tips in mind when you are looking to create your e-mail signature for your small business e-mails.

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