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While I generally don’t spend much time focused on the “free” e-mail addresses subscribed to my list, this is interesting news from Hitwise Research about the demographic of Gmail users vs. the other free e-mail services out there such as Yahoo and Hotmail.

How can you use this information? Knowing who your subscribers are greatly enhances your ability to speak to them directly when you market to them in your e-mail campaigns. It may very well be a good experiment to test different messages to Gmail users based on this research to see if response rates increase.

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gmail.gifAccording to Hitwise research, US visits to Gmail platforms increased 17% between February 2007 and April 2007. Visits were up 30% YoY (April 2006 to April 2007). The increases came after Gmail opened access to all users in February of this year. Even after opening access and the huge gains seen for Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Hotmail still dominate the free mail spectrum.
Still, email marketers should take note of the growing Gmail popularity for one simple reason: demographic. Gmail’s demographic is both younger and richer than the demogrphics attached to Yahoo and Hotmail, making those users a better target for marketers.
In April, 54% of Gmail visits were from users 18-34. Only 44% of Hotmail users and 42% of Yahoo visitors were from the same age group. Also, 18% of Gmail users had a household income of $100,000 or more compared with 15% of Hotmail and 13% of Yahoo users. Gmail users are also more active on social networks (3.7%) than Hotmail (2.2%) or Yahoo (1.2%) users.

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