co Why Keywords are Important for Small Business PPC Advertising |

Selecting the right keywords is a cornerstone of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

The right keywords, after all, can be the difference between PPC working for you or not working for you. It can be the difference between your desired audience finding you or not.

It doesn’t get much more cornerstone than that.

As well, it can be a fluid, ever-changing process, selecting those words and phrases, because every search engine is different. Words that are popular on one may not necessarily be popular on another. And because you don’t want to put all your PPC eggs in one search engine basket (it’s best to get listed with several search engines) this selection process can become a very important issue.

Yes, selecting the right keywords can be that crucial; one of those “make or break” decisions that’s critical to your business success.

You should also know that this potentially volatile dynamic is perhaps even more of a factor when it comes to PPC for small business.

Tough choices

If you operate a small business, you need to exercise even more care when choosing your key words for your PPC advertising campaign.

To illustrate, let’s say you operate a small business that sells — not just jackets — but leather jackets.

That means a smaller target audience. Leather jackets, after all, are not for everyone.

And if you were to sell only, say, women’s leather jackets, your small business becomes smaller and more specialized still.

If your women’s leather jackets only come in black. Well, you get the idea.

Suddenly, you’re wondering: Which keywords to use!

As well, if you sell a garment like jackets, perhaps you need to keep it local. After all, when a woman buys a jacket, she might like to try it on first, right? So if you live in New York, now you have “New York” to add to your list of potential keywords, along with words like “jacket,” “women’s,” “leather” and “black.”

Then again, New York’s a big city, isn’t it? It might be a good idea to have “Manhattan” as a keyword, too. And for that matter, maybe “upper west side”, maybe an even better choice for your use than the broader term.

Suddenly, choosing a few keywords is not the no-brainer you might have presumed it would be.

Indeed, it’s much more of a challenge — and much more important — than you’d originally thought.

Ask the experts?

A sign of that extra attention, that special touch, that small business often requires is reflected in the growing number of small business PPC consultants that now populate the online world.

As with consultants in any industry, some will be very good, and will help your small business a lot. Others…maybe not so much. (Just as some How-To books prove helpful information, while some don’t.)

So if you need some advice on keyword selection for your small business, be sure to do your homework when choosing a PPC consultant.

And speaking of How-To books, there are some helpful ones out there, that’s for sure, and if your small business has a small budget, reading books about the subject — and not paying consultants — may be the way for you to go. Small Business Mavericks offers excellent resources for small business owners looking to launch a PPC campaign. Visit our website at to learn more.

Whichever path you take, take it slowly. After all, you already know the risk involved in operating a small business.

But then again, if you’re reading this, you’re still in business; and if you’re online right now looking for extra tips on PPC advertising, that means you’re smart, too, and will likely be in business a long, long time.