co Great New Site for Local Small Businesses |

More proof that LOCAL is where it’s at! In an effort to help local content (read: information about your business) become searchable (read: findable by your local customers), useful and plentiful online, a new site has emerged. aggregates content from across the web based upon Zip code – so when you enter a specific Zip code, you get localized content including blogs, news, information and other user-submitted info – all in one place.

As a small business owner, why should you care? This is a great opportunity for you to post press releases, stories about your business or anything that is related to your local area that can serve as a link back to your business website. The site is just getting started, and does not have an advertising model as of yet – but they expect to launch one next quarter.

Steven Berlin Johnson, one of the founders of the site, envisions “an ad system for big adevertisers who want to target handfuls of fat-net-worth neighborhoods, but also something ‘designed so that the local pizza place can target their ZIP code and the one next to them and spend $100 a month.”

Mr. Johnson also says that “70% of new visitors are coming direct from search,” meaning that their content is ranking high in the search engines – also a great bonus to help people find your site when you register with

Registering is easy and free, and if the site continues to grow as I anticipate it will, it’s going to be a great way to reach new local customers for just about any small business.

Go to: and check it out for yourself today!