co Fun With Google |

Everyone knows Google as a search engine – you can type in your search query and find out just about anything you could ever want to know.

There are some clever ways to use Google search that you might not be aware of, however. Here are some ways you can maximize YOUR Google queries:

1. Need to find out when that package is going to arrive? Simply type in a tracking number from UPS, Fed-Ex or any major shipper and you’ll get your answer.

2. Wondering if your co-worker’s flight will be on time? Type in an airline name followed by the flight number to check on the flight status.

3. Need to know what the new Apple iPhone will cost in Euros? Simply type in “$500 USD in euros” and Google’s currency converter will hook you up.

4. Math challenged (like me)? Just type in any math problem and Google will give you the answer. (Where was this tool when I struggled through high school algebra?)

5. Not sure what the word “Kerfuffle” means? Type in define: kerfuffle and you’ll have your answer.

These are just some of the creative ways you can use Google to become even more dependent upon that clever little search tool. What would we do without it?