co How Internet Searches are Conducted and Why the Small Business Owner Should Care |

Why would the small business owner ever care about how internet surfers perform searches? The website that the small business owner put on the internet should be enough to make the small business owner successful right?

Well no – the website that a small business owner has may be the best site that has ever been created, but if there are no visitors to the site it’s actually no use to the small business owner. To make a site useful one must have website traffic.

To get website traffic the small business owner will need to fully understand how the visitors they are seeking perform their searches. A user can generally be rolled into two types of searches. One is the general information now search.

This type of person is going to type in the first thought that comes to their mind on the subject matter they are concerned about. For an example if the person is concerned about supplemental diet foods the search performed most likely will be diet foods. The searcher will then scan the lists of the results and the tags from the pages. That person will subsequently choose the most likely candidate for what they had in mind when they typed in the search.

This check will either yield a positive result or a negative result. If the person is satisfied with the result most likely they will not visit any other website. If the result is negative they may back up to the search and review other websites on the front page of the search. If none of these match their initial thoughts they are 80% likely to choose a different keyword combination. Therefore, they never visit page two or three or more of the search results pages.

The second type of searcher is one that is looking for specific information. Maybe this searcher is looking for the website to tell them the exact temperature in Fiji in July. This person will most likely type in Fiji July temperatures. They will then scan the list of sites on the search engine results looking for the specific information that they searched for with the initial search.

If the results on the front page do not show a positive result the searcher will then back up and perform another search. The importance to the small business owner can clearly be seen in these search habits.

The search habits mean that the small business owner must be aware of the keywords that their target audience is going to use. The small business owner must also be very cognizant of the design of their websites with reference to the placement they obtain in the search engines. A placement more than two pages into the search engines is no more helpful than having a placement at the end of the search engines results.

Searches are very critical of the results displayed by the search engines as well. So performing searches on your own keywords and establishing where you rank is critical to understanding the presentation that the search engines are presenting to your potential site users. Being fully aware of how internet searches are performed is critical to the success that a small business can expect in their internet marketing program.