co How can Search Engine Marketing Improve Your Small Business Website Traffic |

The question of how can search engine marketing improve your small business web site traffic is a very difficult one to answer directly. If you delve into the term you will find that many people have different interpretations of the overall meaning of search engine marketing.

The term to many means simply the ranking that you achieve on one of the major search engines for your keyword. The term to others means increased traffic due to search rankings. The two interpretations while mutually inclusive are not necessarily exclusive. To increase your traffic an increased search engine ranking is a very important item.

Penn State University in a 2005 study found that 80% of searches performed on the web never leave the first page of the search listings, 15% never make it past the second page of the search results, and only 5% of the searches performed ever make it to page three or more. Based on this study alone you can see that search engine ranking may be one of the largest keys to guarantee whether or not your small business web site traffic can be sustained.

If you are the first site on Google for a search term you are virtually guaranteed traffic for your search term and website. Not only will you increase your traffic but you will also gain valuable targeted traffic to your site. Thousands of companies pay money to the search engines to get artificial rankings for the terms that you are going to get for free with a search engine marketing campaign.

Adwords by Google is a good place to research exactly how well a great search engine marketing campaign can affect your site. Adwords allows you to improve your search engine placement as long as you continue to pay for the specific terms. A search engine marketing campaign with one of the big SEO firms will optimize your site for the search engines. This optimization will include things such as keywords, meta-tags, html code review, and back link checks. All will target your site just as the search engine crawlers will target it.

The engines in reality could care less if you have a grade “A” aesthetically pleasing site. They are concerned with the code and how your site reads to them. They are concerned with how many times others are linking into your site. The web crawlers keep a count of how often they are directed back to your site from sites outside that are relevant to your content. The search engine marketing campaigns realize this fact and make use of it.

For every site that links back to your site the crawlers read this as a fact that a person wanted to look at your site and you are an expert in this area of concern. Therefore when the keyword is entered into the search engine your website would rank higher. This higher rank as the Penn State students and professors found will increase the number of visitors that you receive from the search engines.

Not just visitors, but people that are actually looking for information on the subject matter that your small business website is selling or promoting. So search engine marketing is a key ingredient for the small business owner in today’s internet economy. Do not miss out on the billions of sales annually because your search engine marketing is not working.